Prof. Adil Baykasoğlu 

Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

Speech Title: Dynamic Optimization through Intelligent Search Algorithms with Industrial Applications 

Abstract: It is hard to find an optimization problem with static parameters in real life industrial applications. Unpredictable machine failures, unplanned/urgent job arrivals, job cancellations, unexpected changes in production constraints, frequent changes in production lot sizes, changes in delivery times, several changes in short-mid-term plans such as job-work assignment, production planning are some well-known repeatedly encountered dynamic events in actual production systems. One of the main characteristic of these dynamic events is that, they cannot be known precisely beforehand and cannot be predicted easily. The problem domains that change over time (time-varying) or change via some unexpected events (event-based) or time-varying variants are usually called as dynamic environments and the problems with these characteristics are called to as dynamic optimization problems (DOPs). In this invited talk, several real life industrial applications of DOPs from our previous studies will be presented. These include; dynamic scheduling of heat treatment furnaces, dynamic part family formation for cellular manufacturing, dynamic scheduling of flexible manufacturing systems with flexible transportation abilities, dynamic load consolation for transportation operations, dynamic optimization of several CNC operations etc.

Brief Introduction to Prof. Adil Baykasoğlu:  Prof. Dr. Adil Baykasoglu received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from Mechanical and Industrial Engineering areas in Turkey (Gaziantep) and England (Nottingham). He is presently a full Professor and chair at the Industrial Engineering Department at the Dokuz Eylul University. He has published numerous academic papers, 3 books and edited several conference books on operational research, computational intelligence, engineering management, and manufacturing systems design. He is also an active editor and editorial board member for many scientific journals. More details can be seen from my web pages: http://web.deu.edu.tr/baykasoglu 

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