Conference Registration

Registration Fee Table

Early Bird Registration Deadline

July 15, 2022

Regular Registration Deadline

August 10, 2022

Late Registration Deadline

October 13, 2022

Onsite Registration Deadline

October 15, 2022

Listener: 350 USD

Listener: 400 USD

Listener: 450 USD

Listener: 480 USD

Presenter (Abstract): 400 USD

Presenter (Abstract): 450 USD

Presenter (Abstract): 480 USD

Presenter (Abstract): 500 USD

Student (Full paper): 450 USD

Student (Full paper): 480 USD

Student (Full paper): 520 USD

Student (Full paper): 550 USD

HKSRA Member (Full paper): 480 USD

HKSRA Member (Full paper): 500 USD

HKSRA Member (Full paper): 530 USD

HKSRA Member (Full paper): 580 USD

Nonmember (Full paper): 500 USD

Nonmember (Full paper): 530 USD

Nonmember (Full paper): 580 USD

Nonmember (Full paper): 610 USD

Online Participation

CFIMA organizing committee is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, given the uncertainties and travel restrictions caused by the virus, we understand that some participants' travel plans may subject to change beyond their control, so the conference committee provides online participation as an option, and participants who chose online could switch to onsite meeting package when they are certain about their travel plan.

Online participation rate as follows:

Listener: USD 200

Presenter: USD 300

Student: USD 380

HKSRA member: USD 390

Nonmember: USD 420

Extra Items

1. Extra Page: If the paper exceeds 5 pages, the additional pages will be charged as 70 USD/ page.

2. Extra Paper Upload: Additional papers written and presented by the same author can be added to a full registration for an additional 370 USD. This is only valid when a full registration is also in the author’s name.

3. Extra Banquet Ticket: 50 USD per coupon

Full Conference Registration Includes

1. Access to meetings sessions on October. 14-16.

2. Free coffee breaks, lunch and dinner on Octoter. 15.

3. Conference kits including printed program, attendance certificate, souvenir...

4. Publication at digital conference proceeding, full paper only

5. Presentation (oral/poster) during the technical session

Registration Form

The registration form will be sent along with manuscript acceptance letter, listeners please contact for registration.


1. The conference online payment system will not charge any extra fee, but the credit card payment may incur a few currency exchange commission fee which is charged by cardholder'bank, it should be borne by the cardholder.

2. For wire transfer payment, bank charges are borne by the applicant.

Cancellation policy (退费条款)

If a registrant is unable to attend CFIMA 2022, they may substitute, by arrangement with the conference organizer, someone else to attend the conference, or transfer their participation to another conference in HKSRA conference portfolio. If the aforementioned solutions are not applicable to the registrant, the following policies of cancellation and refund apply.

Up to 90 days prior to the conference date:

70% refund of the registration fees paid

Less than 90 days, but more than 60 days prior to the conference date:

60% refund of the registration fees paid

Less than 60 days, but more than 30 days prior to the conference date:

50% refund of the registration fees paid

Less than 30 days prior to the conference date:

No refund

Please note: The cancellation and refund request must be made formally through email to


会议开始日期前90天内: 退回已付注册费的70%;

会议开始日期前60天至90天: 退回已付注册费的60%;

会议开始前30至60天: 退回已付注册费的50%;

会议开始前不足30天: 不予退费。




Disclaimers (免责声明)

The conference organizer reserves the right to change the dates, place, and format and shall be relieved of any refund or compensation obligations where the performance of the conference is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances that amount to “force majeure”. Such circumstances include but are not limited to natural disasters, riots, terrorist activity, war, epidemics and all similar situations beyond the organizer's control. 

会议主办方有权因不可抗力因素更改会议时间、地点及举办方式。如果会议举办受到 “不可抗力”的影响,会议主办方将不承担任何退款或赔偿责任。此类情况包括但不限于自然灾害、动乱、恐怖活动、战争、疫情和所有不受主办方控制的类似事件。

If the on-site conference cannot take place due to force majeures, participants will be invited to attend the conference virtually or transfer their participation to other on-site conferences organized by HKSRA (within 15 months).


Content will be submitted to the indexing databases for indexing. As indexing services are independent organizations, the conference organizer cannot guarantee that any abstract or index entry will be included in any particular database.


Submission and registration must be managed using the officially authorized channels (online system, email address) published on this website. Regular consultation can be carried out through WeChat (published on the website). Registration process notification will be sent through Please do not trust any non-official contacts. If you receive any suspicious call, text message, email, or notice any suspicious website, please report it to us immediately. The conference organizer accepts no responsibility for any losses caused by unauthorized third party.